About Us

We set out for supplying honey for honey packaging companies all around Turkey and the world with the approach of "The right product at the right price".

We have been within the honey production industry in Turkey for more than thirty-six years and ÖZÇAKIRLAR is an outcome of this experience and knowledge.

Our founder Muharrem ÖZÇAKIR began with our story in 1981, with the business title "Bereket Ticaret", by selling books on religion and honey in a small shop in Köyceğiz. In 1990s, he continued selling honey in packages by registering the brand "KÖYCEĞİZ HONEY". He promoted KÖYCEĞİZ HONET brand and honeydew honey.

In 1996, he established Bereket Bal LTD. Company with his sons. Meanwhile, he continued selling retail honey with KÖYCEĞİZ HONEY brand. The rise in the number of honey packaging companies in Turkey and the improvement of the industry brought about the need for suppliers and therefore, the company initiated the wholesale of honey. Until 2009, the business continued supplying honey and became one of the leaders in this sector.

Based on years of experience, at that point, everything was ready for a strong and professional organization. Likewise in 2009, ÖZÇAKIRLAR was founded. The business had the aim of becoming one of the few honey suppliers first in Turkey and then worldwide. It reached the capacity of supplying three thousand tons of honey to the prominent companies in Turkey every year. In years 2009 and 2010, exports began and are still continuing.

ÖZÇAKIRLAR has not compromised with its principles since the day it was founded and invested in a company building on 4500 square meters of lot with 1000 square meters under roof, a warehouse and in R&D. It is still the leader of honey supply industry of Turkey.