For the Producers

To our esteemed producers: The communiqué on honey trading has been amended! You are now wholly responsible for the honey that you produce until the product reaches the end-consumer once you sell it.

The residue of the veterinary remedies used by producers for overcoming diseases creates great mishaps for honey packaging companies. In previous controls, in case any residue of remedies was detected in the contents of honey, legal action would be taken against the company resulting in monetary penalties and the destruction of products. Now, with backtracking method, the producer of the honey is found and the fines and product destruction penalties are imposed on producers. The companies are obliged to carry out backtracking and unless they do it, they are imposed fines.

According to the new communiqué, the honey producers (beekeepers) are liable for specifying the producer codes on every honeycomb stick and the package of all products. Click here to see the new honey communiqué. (