We are breaking a new ground in honey supply. We provide you with supply solutions by reducing your burden of quality.

  • We mark each 27 kg canister of honey that we receive from the producers with a label specifying the analysis results for type, locality, producer code, warehouse lot number, lot amount and ship these canisters together with the analysis reports.
  • We pack the same type of honey through homogenizing according to analysis criteria as 300kg of casks, 27kg of canisters or as 1400kg of IBC casks. With these products, we prevent the standardization and analysis problems of the honey to a great extent.

Özçakırlar can easily get access to all types of honey produced all over the country from Muğla to Balıkesir, and from Edirne to Bingöl and classifies the honey according to their quality and procures 3 thousand tons of honey to prominent companies every year.

We bear your stock burden

In Turkey, honey production is carried out in three months for honeydew honey and in three months for flower honey; however, consumption extends to 12 months in a year. In some years, based on natural conditions, shortages occur.

Özçakırlar carries out the purchasing of adequate amount of honey during honey harvest season according to certain quality standards and provides procurement for 12 months a year for the companies it supplies to.