Steps of Honey Reception

  • The honey brought by the producers to our company or collected by our field team are taken delivery of and held temporarily.
  • The honey from each producer is allotted separately and we name the honey from each producer produced in different times, different regions with different methods in separate lots; because each of them has separate physical and chemical characteristics.
  • After that, from each of these lots, we take samples without any modification on the condition that these samples will be extracted from every package and homogenize these and afterwards name the samples.
  • The honey that is subject to physical and sensorial analysis at our company is forwarded to MGL (Muğla Food Lab) in order to have the purity analyses conducted. In our lab, we conveniently carry out the residue analysis of the honey.
  • We carry out the purchasing of the honey that passes all of these analysis tests. We return the honey that are not specified as convenient and that are held temporarily at our facility back to the same producer.